Bricks and Borders

Bricks and Borders

The largest national dispute in America at the moment is the Border wall that President Trump has wanted to build for a few years now. Trump believes that the bordering line connecting us to Mexico needs to be more secure. The dispute stems from political party differences. The majority of the Republican Party wants a wall, while the majority of the Democratic Party does not.The reasons why the Republicans want the wall is to enhance border security to try to decrease the amount of illegal immigrants getting into America from Mexico. On the other hand, the Democrats do not want the wall because the party believes it would not be cost effective and that we should spend our money on other pressing issues in America.


Donald Trump hoped to get funding for the wall, but instead the dispute ended up causing the longest government shutdown in the history of America. It ended with Donald Trump backing down after 35 days. This caused him to lose respect from some of the Republicans that were supporting his decision for the shutdown. A few weeks later Donald Trump declared a national emergency to acquire funding for the wall once again. This is still ongoing. At the moment it looks as if there will be a wall built, but it will not be as big as originally anticipated due to the resistance. A large amount of the resistance is due to the fact that some Democrats believe that immigrants should be welcomed into the country openly whether they came illegally or not.


Some positives about the wall would be the fact that the border would become easier to defend. The wall would remain there for dozens of years if taken care of properly, making it a long term investment too. It would also lower the amount of illegal drugs and narcotics coming in from Mexico and help filter out criminals coming into America. The wall would serve as a deterrent to people thinking of trying to cross the border illegally and stand as a symbol to show that America has control of the situation.


Now, there are some negatives that will come out of the wall being built, one of them being that it will be very expensive; the estimate for how much it is going to cost ranges from 8 billion to 70 billion which is too much for people who believe that the wall would not be effective enough to pay that much. Another problem is that some Americans believe that the U.S. should have open borders, and that a wall would take away the aspect of America that makes it great; it’s willingness to welcome everybody no matter what race, gender or religion. Some people also think that the wall would not stop the majority of illegal immigrants from coming in, which would make building it pointless.


There are a lot of pros and cons to building a wall but at the moment the debate does not look like it’s going to end until either the wall is built or Donald Trump’s presidency ends. This has been one of the biggest questions in America for the past two years. Now I ask you, should America build this wall?