Riding the Wave Out

2018/2019 Yearbook Finished


The MIA 2018-2019 Yearbook, Legatum, has been completed. What a wild ride it has been. There were many things that went into creating this yearbook, and things didn’t just fall into place on its own. Keith Scalia, the yearbook advisor, told The Wave, “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of this year’s editors and everyone who contributed photos, this is the best yearbook MIA has ever produced”.


Kaitlin Creedon, Jayce Dawson, Emily Boxma and the rest of the editing team worked diligently to make the best yearbook ever. Day and night, this team worked tirelessly to try and perfect everything in the yearbook. Kaitlin told The Wave, “I’m really happy with how we finished it. It’ll be so rewarding to finally be able to flip through the pages.”


The yearbook team would like to thank everyone who uploaded their photos on Skipple. Uploading photos on Skipple played such a large role in the yearbook. When photos are uploaded to Skipple it makes it a lot easier for the yearbook team to find photos. Kaitlin told The Wave that she was always looking for more photos. “Skipple came in really handy and helped us tremendously. I wouldn’t have been able to finish some of the pages without those Skipple pictures.”


One thing that the team was very strict about was deadlines. It was a struggle to try and get every single senior to meet the deadlines the editors set. Meeting deadlines is a crucial point in ensuring everyone gets their information into the yearbook. Kaitlin told The Wave that getting “pictures, quotes, and more from students and staff is a big part of the yearbook and it also became time-consuming to rely on people to provide us with them, but In the end, everything worked out.”


The team wants to remind all of the students who have purchased the yearbook that they are all invited to the 2018-2019 Yearbook Party on May 10. Kona Ice is coming to the party, so you should too. There will also be food and music provided. Come have a great time and get your yearbook signed by all of your friends.