“Red Dead Redemption 2,” a 76-hour story game that will keep you satisfied all the way through. “Red Dead Redemption 2” is a game that takes place in the 1899. The player gets to play as a cowboy who is trying to make his way up in the world by the means of being a part of a gang. Based on my experiences from playing the game as far as I have, I will be reviewing the game and all of its features without bias.

Story: I’ve only been playing the story for a few hours but I can say it’s spectacular. Rockstar Games manage to make an immersive experience that I haven’t seen in many games recently.

The story makes you pick between morality and loyalty in such a way that you feel the effects of your choices in real life and in the game. Rating 5/5.

Gameplay: The gameplay mechanics in this game are similar to the first ‘Red Dead Redemption’ game in many ways but Rockstar Games have built upon them in the past nine years. Rockstar games have refined them to make an even better playing experience.

Although I will say that, as a common mistake made with games made by the creators of “Red Dead Redemption 2” there are a large amount of glitches that you will most likely come across at one point or another. Rating: 3/5

Graphics: The graphics for this game are honestly some of the best I’ve seen in recent gaming. The graphics, I feel, are a big part of this game. They draw you in and build a world around you that makes you feel as if you are there.

There were times where I have been on a long horse rides, and I would just stop, look, and admire the sights just because of how much love the creators put into it. You can get lost in the sights around you because of it. Rating 5/5

The Difference: There have been a ton of improvements since the first ‘Red Dead Redemption’, especially when it comes to the responsiveness of the controls, the immersiveness of the world and even something as tiny as every horse being unique. If that horse ends up dying along the way, it will never be seen again.

The biggest thing Rockstar Games changed was how you really got to choose your own path in the story. Every choice you made, every action you took really took a toll on what direction the game was going. It impacted the route you’d take as opposed to the first game where it only had one ending and there weren’t many choices that affected much at all.They also fixed the most of the problems that were there for online like the connection errors causing the game to crash. Rating 4/5

The Online Aspect: The online aspect of this game is above average. The online feature in this game allows you to do many of the same things you can in story but you get to bring your friends along. Things like heists, side missions, and free roam, the ability to fight other players, are all things that you can do with your friends while playing.

However, if you choose to be an honorable player you will get less heists (which are the main way of getting large amounts of money). I guess good guys do finish last. Rating 3/5

Overall: This game is magnificent. It is probably the best game made in 2018. I wouldn’t call it the perfect game as some other reviewers have but it’s still an amazing experience. For all of the enjoyment I have had playing it, I would say the game deserves the overall ranking of 4/5.