The Salvation of Help

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Michael Camacho
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There are many people in the United States with no food, water, or home, who are in desperate need of help.  Though, fortunately enough for the less-fortunate, they have the U.S. Salvation Army. The U.S Salvation Army supplies those in the United States with food, water, and shelter, who cannot typically afford these necessities.   With the holidays rearing its head around the corner, there are millions of parents in America who cannot afford presents and other holiday-like assortments for their children and families.The Salvation Army is a great help to people in need, and the Marco Island Key Club has taken part in helping the communities in need by donating to The Salvation Army, conducting food drives, and packaging toys and treats for children, all across the country.

The Salvation Army hosts different types of drives during the holidays in hopes of giving children and families that have nowhere to go, somewhere to stay during this time.   This kind of generosity gives these families, children, the homeless, everyone, a better life, even if it’s just by giving out a few toys and a warm meal. The Salvation Army has made the “Angel Tree Program”, which puts new clothes and toys under the tree for more than a million children who usually would go without presents for the holidays.Anonymous donors adopt the little “angels” in expanding the Christmas tradition that makes the season brighter for both the gift giver and receiver. The Salvation Army also provides grocery and food assistance, starting with hosting sit-down holiday dinners, delivering meals, and stocking food pantries. = The Salvation Army makes sure the low-income families, struggling seniors, and those without a home for the holidays have a warm meal and a place to call home for the night.


With a bill and payment assistance program, they help struggling families pay for their utility bills, offsetting the added financial issue with the coming of the holiday’s expenses, and keeping the heat on during the cold winter nights. This allows those struggling to maintain self-dignity and stability, while keeping up with their monthly payments. The Salvation Army is also spreading the Christmas cheer and season through traditions such as hospital visits, nursing home events, meal delivery, bell ringing, gifting clothing, and toy donations. This gives the gift of relief and hope to  low-income families, children of prisoners, and those without a home for the holidays.


The Salvation Army is a great opportunity for all of those in need in the United States.. They are able to come off the streets and have a place where they belong.. The Salvation Army deserves a hard and welcoming thank you for all they have done for the less-fortunate, year round, but especially during the holiday season. From the giving of food, to the giving of joy to children during this time of year,  the Salvation Army truly is the best gift of all.


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