Top Five Must Have Christmas Gifts

For Any Typical Teen

Jasmin Schauer, Staff Writer

  1. Rechargeable LED phone ring light








Most teenagers love to take selfies with their friends, but they get upset when the lighting is bad. With the LED phone ring light,

they can take selfies without needing to worry about bad lighting.


2. Portable phone charger

Most high schoolers often feel the need to have their mobile device at hand, that is until their device dies. A portable phone charger will keep them connected with family and friends without having to find an outlet every few hours. Portable chargers can also be used for Laptops, tablets and even MP3 players.


3. Self balancing hoverboard


This product can carry your teen from point A to point B, while keep them entertained with built in speakers that play music off their phone. The hoverboard goes at a rate of 9 miles per hour, and the battery lasting for 12 miles.


  1. Wireless Waterproof Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

One of the most important things in life of a teenager is their music. With this portable and waterproof device, they can be on the go, in rain, sleet, or snow, with no worries.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot


The Echo Dot can assist  your teen in a multitude of things. Whether it’s texting friends, listening to music, or checking out the latest trends on social media. The Echo Dot will help your teen wake up in the morning, and will fit in with their busy lifestyle.