Your Destiny Awaits

Your Destiny Awaits

On September 9th, 2014, Destiny was released to the public, a shooting game that attempted to combine space exploration with alien warfare. At first, it seemed like a great game. But when you add in the unfair weapon advantages and the great lack of new content, it turns out that the game was greatly disappointing. Every year, gamers would pay forty dollars for a new expansion pack, and only get a couple of minor changes, while still struggling with the main problems that present before paying for the expansion. This left many switching to a different game, and overall abandoning Destiny.

Fortunately, on September 6th, 2017, Destiny 2, the sequel to this game, was released. Unlike its predecessor, it provided many improvements that the first game did not offer along with even more content. Moreover, when it comes to the balance of power between different weapons, it seems as if all weapons are basically on the same playing level. The reason behind this is because there are so many new types of weapons they released that each one has its own special use, and all weapons are now about preference rather than being about a certain weapon being overpowered.

The graphics of Destiny 2 came out to be amazing, and when you come across different encounters in the game, you can see how great this improvement really is. Along with the visual improvement, there is also a great audio improvement, by adding new background music that engages the player in the game. In my eight years of playing, I have never heard more impactful background music for a video game than I have in Destiny 2.

Another great aspect of this game is the improvements to the story mode. In Destiny 1, an extremely important part of the game is the story. Unfortunately, the story was only important to most so that they may play different modes that require you to complete the story. Lucky for us, the developers saw this as an important issue that they should address and made the story missions far more interesting than the first Destiny’s story. With extremely awesome cutscenes and music, you feel drawn into the game itself, which is an amazing experience. The story takes about 5-6 hours to complete at a minimum, showing that you can get tons of awesome content in a long lasting amount of time. During this time, you can come across extraordinary encounters, like jumping across cliffs, fighting multiple bosses, and the coolest of all, driving a tank into an enemy base and blowing up everything in your path.

Not only can you play the story missions, but you can play against other players as well in the Crucible. The Crucible offers player-versus-player modes that are both casual and competitive, like Team Death Match, Elimination, and Zone Control game modes. The Crucible also offers weekly and monthly game modes, like Trials of the Nine, which is an elimination match that gives high-value rewards, and Iron Banner, which is a monthly 4v4 game mode that offers even more rewards. You can also gather with friends and form a clan, where you can get together and earn rewards for doing the things that you enjoy.

But what do you do if you want to play with your friends, but also want to fight against enemies similar to the ones in the story missions? Well lucky for us, Destiny 2 offers raids, a way to interact with your friends and take down difficult bosses like the ones in the story. Through raids, you can truly work as a team to face difficult situations, and earn amazing rewards from doing so.

Another great thinking about the game that is constantly overlooked is the customization options. In Destiny 2, you have the option to customize not only your weapons, but the type of armor you wear, the type of spaceship you use, the color of your armor, and many more things. There are approximately 58 different colors you can use on your weapons and your armor, along with more than twelve types of weapons, and armor with many different stat boosts. This gives you the ability to make you appear as you want to appear, not a forced character look like most games.

The first Destiny’s famous quote was “Become Legend,” but in that game, you couldn’t even unlock the full potential of being legendary. Fortunately, Destiny 2 offers the ability to achieve a full legend status and allows you to do almost anything you can imagine.