MIA Girls Learn International


Annabelle Frazer, Features Editor

Are you looking for an opportunity to be part of an international team of strong activists and generational leaders? Would you like to help build a powerful movement of informed advocates dedicated to universal education right here at MIA? For the first time in 5 years, MIA is reintroducing Girl Learn International, a program focused on educating and empowering high school students to fight for a fairer, brighter world.

An interest meeting will take place the morning of Wednesday, April 5th, in Mr. Scalia’s room at 7:45. 

After the intial meeting, MIA GLI plans to meet in the mornings one day a week. Together, MIA GLI strives to better our community through weekly conversations, planned events, volunteer opportunities, and more. 

For more information be sure to visit the link provided in Google Classroom. 

We are open to anyone and everyone, and we can’t wait to see you there.