Limitless – A Movie Review


The promotional poster for the film, Limitless, featured Bradley Cooper. Image credit: Rogue Pictures.

Maximo Walters, Staff Writer

The year 2011 brought many great movies that we all know and love today. Some of these iconic movies include Super 8, Just Go With It, and Contagion. Though, one less popular movie that year might be even better than the rest — Limitless. This movie had me at the edge of my seat throughout its entirety, wondering what might happen next.

Written by Leslie Dixon and directed by Neil Burger, Limitless is a thriller science fiction film based in New York City. It follows Eddie Morra, a failing author who struggles to be creative. However, a solution to his problem presents itself in the form of a magic pill that makes the user feel invincible. This pill grants the ability to retain every single bit of information in one’s entire life. Foreign languages can be perceived from just listening to them, and your mind is nothing but clear. There’s one task, and how to accomplish it is no sweat. Though Eddie didn’t find this solution to the problem, the solution found him.

Eddie is at rock bottom, as his girlfriend just broke up with him and he’s trying to drive away from being sucked into a sad life. His life consists of failing at his only job of being an author as he struggles to be creative. However, an opportunity presents itself when his ex-wife’s brother, known as Vernon, recognizes Eddie and approaches him, hoping to find a conversation. They end up catching up on life and Vernon realizes how bad of shape Eddie is in. With this knowledge, Vernon, being a drug dealer, asks Eddie if he would like to try NZT, which is the pill. Eddie eventually complies and unlocks a whole new world.

Throughout the rest of the film, Eddie’s empire of money and capabilities build. From being a book author, to a big marketer with big business owners. In between those big gaps of time, Eddie uses the stock market to build up money using advanced algorithms to help him get there. He also uses a Russian loan shark to make more profit. But, it is foreshadowed that they are not best friends by the end of the film. In 2 days, Eddie is able to make over 2 million dollars by taking advantage of the stock market. This makes him realize that he can grow into a bigger entrepreneur by gaining the attention of one of the biggest marketers in the world, Carl Van Loon – who is one of the richest men alive. He hires Eddie as an investment magician to help with one of his new deals. However, along the way Eddie runs out of his magic pill, ‘losing his touch.’

In the end, Eddie faces his NZT enemy, the Russian Loan Shark, or better known as Gennady. Throughout the film, the two share some disagreements, leading to a final face off situation. However, Eddie overcomes Gennady and moves on with life. Close to a year later Eddie has retained his wealth, but he is met with a surprise when Carl Van Loon approaches him. Carl tells Eddie that he has shut down all of the labs that produce NZT, meaning Eddie wouldn’t have access to this magic pill anymore. With this, he is asking to make a business deal with Eddie – only if Carl gives Eddie a steady supply of NZT, Eddie would be willing to give Carl power when he becomes president regardless of the circumstances. Though Eddie reveals that he has created multiple labs to reverse the side effects of NZT, he states that he has found a way to wean himself completely off of the drug without losing any of his enhanced abilities. So, Eddie leaves Carl in the dust and tells Carl he has to get some lunch with his girlfriend.

I believe that, overall, Limitless is an entertaining, edge-of-your seat movie that always keeps viewers drawn in to wanting to know more. With great writing and production, its no wonder why it performed so well in the box office. I would give Limitless 4 out of 5 rays.