Top 10 Red Flags in Guys

Taylor Drott, Staff Writer

Top 10 Red Flags in Guys

In a relationship we all look for different things in our significant other. Some want their partner to be tall, others want blue eyes and others want them to be funny. Even with these green flags, there are warning signs that you need to watch out for. Sometimes we can be so caught up in a relationship that we look past red flags. With this being said, these top 10 red flags in a guy are hard to miss. 


#1 Love Bombing

Love bombing is when you have only been dating for two weeks and your boyfriend says “I love you”.  This can be seen as manipulative because they are controlling the pace of the relationship. Oftentimes narcissists use this technique to control the affection they receive. 


#2 Mamas Boys 

Mama’s Boys are guys that over rely on their moms. While it isn’t a bad thing for them to be close with their mom, being overly dependent can be a red flag. Usually mama’s boys can’t even make their own decisions. When you are dating this type of guy you aren’t only committing to them, but you are also committing to their mother.


#3 Pick Me Boys

A pick me boy uses self depreciation to gain attention from girls. Hearing a guy say, “You’re so pretty! You probably won’t like me though I’m so ugly.”, is such a red flag. They just want validation, and it is a manipulative technique to get a girl to date them. 


#4 “Where my Hug At?” Guy

“Where my hug at?” is a phrase that guys who lack the ability to talk to girls use. This may technically fall under “pick me boys” but because it is so cringy, it deserves its own red flag. 


#5 Clingy

A clingy boyfriend freaks out whenever you do anything else other than hangout with him. You are allowed to have your own life, and he should probably get a life too. 


#6 Still Hung Up on His Ex

Unfinished business with his ex is such a red flag. In a relationship you want your boyfriend to be fully present, and if they are still thinking about their ex then they can’t commit at all to you. 


#7 Plays Video Games All Day

Like previously stated, it is important for your boyfriend to actually have a life. If they are playing video games all day, then they really don’t have a life. They could be hanging out with friends or even go outside, but instead they choose to stay inside and waste their day to video games. 


#8 Too Sensitive

Vulnerability in a relationship is good, this is not what is meant by being too sensitive. If you are too sensitive then you can’t take a joke. It is important for the person that you are dating to have a similar sense of humor as you. 


#9 Uses 3-in-1 

In a relationship you want your partner to have some personal hygiene. If your boyfriend is using 3-in-1 this shows you that they are lazy and don’t prioritize keeping themself clean. 


#10 Different Personalities

Your boyfriend should be able to act the same around you and their friends. If they switch up their personality around different people, that is fake and a huge red flag.