Ray’s Praise

Madison Moyer, Managing Editor

What is Ray’s Praise?

Ray’s Praise is an opportunity for students at MIA to show their appreciation for others. Whether it’s a classmate, teacher, or another staff member, these praises offer us a chance to show our respect and admiration for someone, which will certainly brighten their day.

Austin Hendrick 

Thank you for all of your hard work on Key Club awards. Our video and banner patch are thanks to you this year. From: Grant

Nicole Sutton 

Nicole always has the best advice. Slay.

Richard Stavac

My brother is always there to help me no matter what struggle I’m going through. 

Zach Ferro 

He always is in a good mood and is always loud, so it is never boring in class with him.

Virginia Lowe

She has such a loving smile, and she is such a down-to-earth, well-rounded person.

Kaylie Young

Kaylie is the sweetest and funniest person I know! She is a great friend and always fun to be around.

Officer Ashby

Officer Ashby is funny and takes care of all of the students!

Madison Good

She is an amazing best friend. She is a wonderful artist and singer, a very kind and caring friend, and always so fun to be around. From: Ella

Blake Dickson 

He cares about his friends and girlfriend. He is a really good student. He does act childish with his friends, but he is a good person.

Mr. Eder

Mr. Eder is always helpful and nice. He even bought our class some pizza.

Sophia Lowrie

Because it’s her birthday! Happy Birthday, Sophia! Plus, she is also a great helper! From: Nicole Garcia 

Miss Scott

Thank you for helping me with anything and being my biggest supporter.

Mr. Dayett

Mr. Dayett is a pretty cool teacher, and I like him.