Small Town, Big Events


During this time of year, Goodland is a very very busy place. With Stan’s Idle Hour, and the Little Bar opening, the vibe of high season is coming into full effect. When I look out my back deck each morning I see that the true “snowbirds” have returned as the cardinals and blue jays peck at our papaya tree. The birds symbolize the return of many people and the start of numerous events that occur in Goodland.

Goodlanders kick off the Christmas season with the Christmas tree decorating and the parade of carolers traveling by beautifully decorated golf carts. Villagers come together to adorn the tree with ornaments that hold a special meaning to the people of our village. The creative designs of the golf carts show the artistic flare of the many participants. The vibe this year will be exceptional as gathering around the tree will be meaningful as we continue our recovery efforts. In conjunction with the tree lighting and the golf cart parade, the Christmas Bazaar held at Margood Park offers a selection of local crafts and artwork  for unique gift giving ideas. The Bazaar is hosted by the Goodland Civic Association on Sunday, December 3rd from 10am to 4pm I love to find original Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

The last week in January marks the annual Mullet Festival at Stan’s. Highlights of this festival include; live music, dancing to the Buzzard Lope, Mullet toss, and of course the crowning of the Buzzard Princess and Queen. Each year I look forward to the spectacular costume designs of the Buzzard Queen contestants. Picture a combination of sequins, feathers, masks, rhinestones, portraying buzzard royalty strutting around Stan’s stage. 5,000 people or more from all around the world will descend upon Goodland to share the celebration of this massive event that takes place. This year marks the 34th annual Mullet festival!

March brings another chance to celebrate our local artists at the two day Harbor Arts and Music Festival. This event also takes place at Margood Park. Along with a variety of art, attendants get a chance to enjoy food and live entertainment. This year the event is scheduled to take place March 3rd and March 4th, 2018. Displays will also include both environmental and non-profit organizations.

High season can mean long lines, tons of traffic, and long hours of work for my parents, but there are many things to look forward to as well. Living in Goodland fortunately gives the chance to enjoy a variety of events. Being able to share it with the family and friends that come to visit gives them special insight into the uniqueness of the place I call home. Whether it’s an appreciation for the arts or the love of the sound of live music, I hope you take the time to join in the fun!