Changing the Tune

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Reef Weber

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January 2, 2018
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Variety is the spice of life, and with a little bit of variety the world is refreshing. At Marco Island Academy, the students hear the same song three times a day every day. For some people the music gives them a little boost of energy for their next class. However, for others hearing the same music every single day can be very irritating. If you had the chance to change it would you?

Ever since Marco Island Academy was built, the bell has always been a song chosen by the staff of M.I.A. Well until last year. Last year two seniors came to the administration, and for the first time in M.I.A history a student had gotten the chance to pick the bell. Now it’s time to give all the students a say in what song is to become the next bell.

I attended an interview with Mrs. Richardson, the Assistant Principal of M.I.A. We spoke about our availability to change the bell. She said that the it costs about $80 to change the bell once. The reason the school has to pay to change the bell is because the only way to change the bell is to pay the company who provides the school’s bell, to come to the school and change the music.

While Mrs. Richardson and I were wrapping up our conversation, I had asked her if she would give me some guidelines and lay down some ground rules. The first rule she told me is that it must have a positive message that positively affects the student’s who listen to it. So the student body can’t pick out a song about depression, and obsession. The other rule she said is that the song can’t have any vulgar language or allude to gang violence, drugs, or sexual references.

If the student body wants to change the bell they have to raise the money to gain the privilege to change the music. I personally suggest putting out change jars during lunch and in between class periods. Another option is to do bi-weekly raffles to raise the money. I also don’t think it would be out of the question if the students brought this idea to the Student Leadership team.

Even though there are a few obstacles in the way I still believe that the student body should be the ones to select a song that will be echoing throughout the halls.

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