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What’s With the Price Raise?

Have you noticed the price raise at MIA's Snack Shack?

Cassandra Scalia, Assistant Editor

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Food, something people of all ages can enjoy. There’s something for everyone; food is spicy, food is sweet. Food is soft, food is rough. Some foods are comforting, and some better our health. Most people like some sort of food, others eat just because they have to.

Food usually has to be bought, however, and sometimes the pricing can become a bit ridiculous. Many students have raised concerns about the price raise at Marco Island Academy’s ‘Snack Shack’; the newly instated prices causing some Snack Shack customers to take their money and run elsewhere.

“I think the prices are ridiculous,” freshman Lily Salmons stated. “At stores like Walmart and Walgreens, you can get two things in those stores [for the price of one of those items in the Snack Shack.]” Another student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was in the area and commented on the situation. “I don’t think the prices are too bad, but they are a bit high.”

Students aren’t the only ones voicing their concerns, however. A staff member also voiced their opinion on the matter. “Five dollars isn’t a price I want to pay for something like a small salad. If I were to forget my lunch, I’d probably skip getting a lunch and get a cheaper snack as opposed to a salad. Even the hummus packs are expensive, as I can buy hummus packs for myself at the dollar store.”


In order to provide a better understanding of the situation, Marco Island Academy’s Dean of Students/Athletics Director, Mrs. Monnot, was asked about the price raise and what the money goes towards.

“Being a charter school and not having a lot of money, [the Snack Shack] is one of the very few avenues where we are able to make revenue (money) for our school. Anytime we are given an opportunity to bring money in for the school, whether it be via fundraising or Snack Shack money, it always goes back to the school,” Mrs. Monnot commented.

“We actually have to raise about 350,000 dollars just to operate.”


When asked for her opinion regarding the Snack Shack’s money going towards the school, freshman Lily Salmons said, “I think that, if it’s going towards a good cause, then [they] should keep the prices the same.”

Another student commented, “if the money is going towards educational tools/expanding the school, keep the prices the same.”

“I think if the school had a really specific cause, suppose the money is going towards computers for every room, that would make me go and buy that salad. It’d make me say ‘I’m satisfying my appetite and helping the school with the few bucks in my pocket.’” A staff member voiced.

“It really changes your perspective.”

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What’s With the Price Raise?