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Andrah Stansbury-Mendoza, Staff Writer

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As it begins to cool off at Marco Island Academy and fall approaches, the Environmental Science class led by Mr. Miller has their garden in the works. As Marco Island residents are undoubtedly aware, the amount of rain in the past month has been insurmountable, and it has helped the garden tremendously. Mr. Miller stated, “Although we have been limited as to how many days we can head out there, it’s actually helpful because the plants need water. We see the rain as a good thing!” It would have been logical to think that with all the rain, the garden would have washed away some of the fertilizer, but we learned that the school has a compost bin out in the garden.

Student Brenda Perez loves the compost bin for the school saying, “The compost bin is very beneficial because the decomposers like worms will eat the unwanted food. Then the worms’ waste will come in as new fertilizer for the plants growing. Plus, this fertilizer is all natural, which I believe is a better alternative than store bought fertilizers which contain chemicals and other products which may make the plant inorganic.” This brings it back around to why there is a garden at the school. Mr. Miller’s goal for the garden is to teach students about where their food comes from. It’s easy to get caught up in just buying food from the grocery store and not questioning what was used to grow it. With the students being able to see the plants themselves as they grow and eventually are harvested, it allows for insight into healthier ways of growing and consuming products.

As for what is growing in the garden, students have planted everything from herbs such as mint, parsley, and basil to prickly pear cacti and bell peppers. As fall begins, students plan to plant squashes, eggplants, and even tomatoes along the vine system. For those wanting to start a garden at home, Mr. Miller has a word of advice: “Make sure to have fun with it, and remember that plants are living and need sunlight and water just like anything else that is living does.”

Overall, the Environmental Science class has a long way to to go until most vegetables are ready to harvest, but the hard work and dedication they’re showing as of now is sure to pay off with beautiful and healthy results in the coming months.

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A Growing Success