Teen Lingo 3.0


Yessenia Martinez, Contributing Writer

Here are the latest, most popular teen slang words and phrases. Use this list to assist in understanding what current teenagers are saying these days.


Slap (adjective/acronym) when used as an adjective it means great or really good. As an acronym it means Sounds Like A Plan. 

Example: Your friend makes a plan to go to the beach at 6pm to confirm you can say “SLAP’s”


The move/moves(noun/phrase) The moves refer to the plan of activities someone makes.

Example: You would ask, “What are the moves for tonight?” to ask what the plans are.


It’s the ___ for me (phrase)  based on the situation the blank is filled in. The blank will relate to the reason why something is bothersome. 

Example: (it is really hot outside) “It’s the boiling heat for me.”


Not you ___ (phrase) this phrase is often used to call out hypocrisy. 

Example: Someone criticizes your cooking while they can’t boil an egg themselves. The phrase may say, “Not you judging my cooking.”  


I- (phrase) used to show shock or astonishment that caused a lack of words

Example: A friend says something shocking you respond “I-”


Swag (adjective/noun) As an adjective, describes something that is cool in current standards. As a noun, “the swag” can be used similarly to “the drip” meaning the outfit.

Example: You put together an awesome outfit and go to show your friend you can either ask “Am I swaggy?” or “ What do you think of the swag?”


Hits different (phrase) Used to describe something having a different feeling than normal. Like when you eat a meal while being really hungry compared to a typical time. The food would “hit different” as it feels more satisfying.

Example: Someone brings your favorite childhood snack that you haven’t had in a while. You could say, “This nilla wafer hits different.” While the nilla wafer will taste the same it would hit different because it gives you a sense of nostalgia.


Sleeping on ____ (phrase) When something is “slept on,” it means that it is not getting enough attention. 

Example: you find a really good show that has been out for a while but isn’t too popular. You believe it deserves more attention, so you would say, “You guys are sleeping on iCarly.”


Chil- anyways so (pronounced like child without the d) (Phrase)  Used as a way to acknowledge something shocking and then move on from it quickly. 

Example: A friend could say “I failed my psychology test” you can say “Chil- anyways so” to change the topic of conversation but acknowledge what they just said

Main character(noun) Similar to how the main character in a movie is the star which everyone focuses on, a main character is someone who has it all.

Example: Someone is killing it on the dance floor, and you could say, “They are the main character.”


V (abbreviation) V is an abbreviation for very

Example: You get a blog for homework so you can say, “That is v upsetting.”


P____ (Words that start with P) Depending on the context a word that starts with P is used in place of saying pandemic. 

Example: “Because to the panda express I haven’t been able to hangout with my friends.” 


Sus (abbreviation) Sus is an abbreviation for the word suspicious.

Example: “The person standing behind the tree is looking sus.”


CEO of ____ (phrase) When someone is the CEO of something they are the best at it.

Example: Someone who had really good handwriting can be referred to as the “CEO of writing.”


On a real note (phrase) This phrase is used to signify that what is going to be said should be taken seriously. 

Example: “Guys, on a real note, that comment made me upset.”


Queen/King (Noun) Queen/King is used as an uplifting and positive nickname. 

Example: If you want to say good morning to a friend in a new way, you can say “Goodmorning Queen.” 


Bussin’(adjective) This is a shortening of the word Busting. Similar to how the term “fire” can be used to describe food, “bussin” can be used the same way. 

Example: your friend brings you food that is really good, you may say, “this cupcake is bussin.”